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1.     What is the Queen West Art Crawl?

The Queen West Art Crawl is an annual 2-day live IN PARK celebration of Queen Street West and the artists, businesses, community groups and residents that make up this very distinct area of Toronto. 

This year we will again be offering an online exhibit in our Virtual Park for our artists, artisans, patrons, and performers, in addition to returning to our live festival in Trinity Bellwoods Park.


We are striving to create a unique platform for our artists, artisans, and patrons of the festival so that all can attend in person/virtually and be a part of our 2024 Festival this year.


2.     Who organizes the Queen West Art Crawl?

In 2009 Queen West Art Crawl achieved charitable status and currently, the Queen West Art Crawl is organized by a small, dedicated team and a Board of Directors.

3.     I have a question about the In Person /Online Festival the Queen West Art Crawl.  Who do I contact?

If you can’t find the answer to your question(s) in the Frequently Asked Questions, please email

​4.     What are the dates, times and location of the Queen West Art Crawl’s Outdoor Art Exhibition?


IN PARK - Trinity Bellwoods Park 790 Queen Street West (at Strachan Ave.)  

  • Saturday, September 21 , 2023            11:00 am to 6:00 pm            

  • Sunday, September 22, 2023               11:00 am to 6:00 pm



  •  Monday – Saturday September 16th to 24th


5.    Pricing and deadlines?



  • (10 ft x 10 ft) Standard booth space (Tent not included)

  • The non-refundable application fee of $50.00 covers all administration and judging 

  • Artists will be vetted immediately.

Early Bird Sale

  • February 15 - March 15, 2024   

  • Save $50.00, just $450.00 (includes ONLINE listing): $400.00 + $50.00 application fee

Park and Online Fees

  • March 15 - June 30, 2024   

  • Prices go back to $500.00 (includes ONLINE listing)$450.00 + $50.00 application fee

6.     What methods of payment do you accept for the participation fee?

  • Paypal is the preferred method of payment. It is a safe, easy way to pay online without exposing your credit card numbers to the merchant.

  • You don’t need to set up a Paypal account to apply online for QWAC but you will need a major credit card. 

  • The only other payment we accept is cheque or money order. To use this method, payment arrangements must be made by emailing All payments must be made payable to Queen West Art Crawl and mailed to 260 Queen St West Po Box 60051 Toronto Ontario M5V 0C5.

Please note that PayPal is an external website, and QWAC does not retain or have access to any private artist information. QWAC does not accept credit card payments over the phone.

7.     What do you mean by original art?

All artwork on display must be the original creation of the exhibitor. Reproductions of another artist’s work will not be considered. Exhibitors are permitted, however, to sell reproductions of their own work in the form of posters, prints, art cards, buttons, etc. Please note that the selection committee will favour original work over reproductions.

8.     Can I submit more than one Media Category / sell other products or services along with my art?

Only one type of media is accepted per application. It is recommended that you submit your strongest media category.  If you would like to submit more than one, a second application is required. 

While you may hand out literature or other materials pertaining to other non-art business ventures, you may not sell those products or services​.

9.     Who is eligible to submit an application?

Professional artists, artisans and craftspeople working in the following disciplines will be considered for the Queen West Art Crawl: painting (acrylic, oil, watercolour, and encaustic), drawing, metal art, jewellery, photography, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, fibre art, wood art, glass, and mixed media. Both established and emerging artists and craftspeople are encouraged to apply.

10.    Who is on the selection committee/jury?

The selection committee is comprised of professional artists, gallery owners, art teachers, curators, and other respected members of the visual arts community. The Queen West Art Crawl does not participate in the selection process. 

11.    What are the criteria for being selected to participate?

The committee will be selecting submissions based on the quality and saleability of the work. The selection committee strives to bring overall diversity in works of art for the Queen West Art Crawl.

12.    How and when will I find out if I have been accepted?

The results of the selection process will be sent by email end of July 2024. 

13.    I missed the application deadline but was wondering if you accept late applications or have a waiting list?

Please contact us for waiting list inquiries and other opportunities at Late fees will apply. ($50.00 late fee)

14.    Does QWAC take a commission from my sales?

NO. QWAC takes no commission from your sales. We will ask that you provide us with information regarding your total sales at the end of the event. Each artist’s sales information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for event analysis.


15.    How is the Queen West Art Crawl promoted through our in person and online event?


QWAC’s marketing campaign for the Queen West Art Crawl includes media releases, media stunts, print advertising, public service announcements on community and commercial radio stations, TTC ads, distribution of pre-event brochures and posters, billboards, email broadcasts, and postings on several web sites, blogs, and social networking sites.  Our community partners also assist with promoting the event. QWAC will provide you with an invite for you to forward to all your contacts.  This will be sent to you in the weeks leading up to the event. Feel free to blog, post to social media and send your own media releases about your participation. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


  1. A web presence on a high traffic website. Each vendor will have their work highlighted with two images and name that will link the patrons directly to your web page, social media or selling platform.

  2. Through our virtual park imagery, all work will be grouped under art form or artisan. When a patron visits each portal, they will find the art or artisanal work and be able to select the artists they would like to view.

  3. Social media posts of each vendor once throughout the five-day online festival.

  4. Extensive marketing of the event promoting our vendors nationally and internationally.

  5. Web graphics will be created for you to use for marketing.

  6. All online sales and communication will go through you directly (QWAC does not take any commission).


A full list of artists, activities and locations is posted on the QWAC website (  During the event, a Program Guide will list all artists participating in the Outdoor Art Exhibition as well as details about all other programming.  The Program Guides will be available on site at Trinity–Bellwoods Park and all other main areas of the event. QWAC will provide you with an invite for you to forward to all your contacts.  This will be sent to you in the weeks leading up to the event. Feel free to blog, post to social media and send your own media releases about your participation. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Send us a message, and we will follow you and promote all of your QWAC related news!


17.    When should I expect my participant package?

Selected participants will receive detailed QWAC packages sent by email before the beginning of September 2024. Your package will provide you with the Trinity–Bellwoods Park layout, load-in and load-out procedures and important details for the day-of event.

​​18.    What if I need to withdraw from the event?

If you are selected to participate in the Outdoor Art Exhibition and if, for any reason, you decide to withdraw from the event; your participation fee will be returned to you, minus an administrative fee of $100.  QWAC must be notified in writing by July 31, 2024.  If you cancel after July 31, the full participation fee will be retained by the Queen West Art Crawl.


19.    Do you provide tables, chairs, tents, or any other display materials?

No. Artists can provide their own tables, chairs, tents, and any other display materials. QWAC also provides an artist preferred rate with Higgins Party Rental, Tent and Event Rentals. This information will be sent to participating artists by June 1st. Collapsible display systems are recommended. Display systems requiring construction are not permitted. All display systems must be secured by weights, sandbags, or bricks. Spiking of the ground at Trinity-Bellwoods Park is strictly prohibited. Higgins Party Rental is our main source for tenting (all tents need to be white).

20.    Do I have to take my work home overnight on Saturday?

We highly recommend that you remove all artwork and personal belongings from your booth overnight.  You may want to consider leaving your tent/display materials set up. We hire security guards to patrol the show site from 7:00 pm on September 21st  Saturday  to 7:00 am on Sunday September 22nd.  Please be advised that Queen West Art Crawl will not be held responsible for any damages or loss of property (including anything that may be left overnight). Official closing time for the show is 6:00 pm.  At 6:00 pm you can begin taking down your booth.

21.    Can I sell other products or services along with my art?

No. You may, however, hand out literature or other materials pertaining to other non-art business ventures.

22.    Do I have to be at the venue for the entire weekend?

Yes. By submitting your application, you have agreed to be in attendance for the entire show. Visitors come to see the work and speak with the artist, which is a key factor of QWAC. It is suggested that you have an assistant/friend to help you for the weekend with set up and watching your booth if you need to take a break or unable to attend the entire weekend.

​​​ Queen West Art Crawl is a rain or shine event. QWAC encourages artists to seek out rentals or purchase tents, table coverings and water-resistant display systems. Artists should be prepared to take responsibility for poor weather conditions. In the event of a thunderstorm, the event may be cancelled for the day due to safety concerns. There are no refunds if this is the case.


We look forward to supporting our community and collaborating with you to create an innovative platform showcasing your work Onsite in the park and online that will attract patrons and bring traffic to your selling platform and in the park.

Send us a message, and we will follow you and promote all of your QWAC related news!

Please email if you have any questions during registration.

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