@ QWAC 2019

The annual two day Outdoor Art Exhibition features over 150 of Canada’s most innovative established and emerging artists, with mediums ranging from sculpture to visual art to jewelry. Scroll down to see all the artists and where to find them on the map in Trinity Bellwoods Park.


Alan Wong - BOOTH J14

Ally Colthoff - BOOTH C3

Alyssa Makow - BOOTH C4

Amy McNeil - BOOTH J9

Andra Ragusila - BOOTH J22

Andrea Bailey - BOOTH J6

Anjali Patel - BOOTH D3

Aurora Pagano - BOOTH I21

Bintah Bah - BOOTH D4

Blackhare Designs - BOOTH L28

Britt Hartley - BOOTH C2

Caitlin Barrie - BOOTH G3

Cameron Sault - BOOTH L29

Carlo Allion - BOOTH K1

Caro Sanchez - BOOTH I20

Carolyn Laidley Arn - BOOTH E2

Cassandra Dang - BOOTH M40

Catherine Harasymiw - BOOTH M41

Catherine O'reilly Dennis - BOOTH C12

Charan Kaur - BOOTH L3

Cheryl Fulcher - BOOTH L4

Christina Gelinas - BOOTH D19

Christopher Michael Duffy - BOOTH L6

Christyne Gauthier - BOOTH L7

Claustro - BOOTH G14

Courtney Senior - BOOTH J18

Cristina Getson - BOOTH L5

Czarina Moshenko - BOOTH F5

Darlene Winfield - BOOTH L15

Darryl Barnes - BOOTH I11

David Crighton- BOOTH M6

Deanna Colosimo - BOOTH M8

Deanna Sirois - BOOTH C14

Diana Rosa - BOOTH I22

Elena Henderson - BOOTH M10

Elizabeth Stanton - BOOTH M12

Emanuel Pavao - BOOTH M13

Emily Harrison - BOOTH M14

Erika Shrestha - BOOTH M15

Erika Squires - BOOTH J5

Ethan Pollacco - BOOTH M17

Ezio Molinari - BOOTH M29

Genevieve Smolders - BOOTH M30

Gongyu Lin - BOOTH M31

GuoYue Dou - BOOTH L12

Guy Parrotta - BOOTH M33

Haleh Saffarin - BOOTH E3

Harv Glazer - BOOTH E1

Heidi Schell - BOOTH N17

Helen Maguire - BOOTH M27

Henry VanderSpek - BOOTH N19

Hoda Nicholas - BOOTH C1

Hope Flynn - BOOTH S2

Ian Wright - BOOTH N21

Ioannis Kokkinos - BOOTH J36

Ivane Thiebaut - BOOTH N22

James Taylor - BOOTH I10

Jane Morassutti - BOOTH J13

Jazmine Tara - BOOTH N24

Jeff Mann - BOOTH L2

Jen Lipski - BOOTH N26

Jennifer Anne Kelly - BOOTH N27

Jennylynd James - BOOTH N38

Jie (Jane) Zhou - BOOTH N30

Jie Zhou - BOOTH N31

Jocelyn Williams - BOOTH N32

John Kinsella - BOOTH I4

Julia McNeely - BOOTH C6

Julia Monson - BOOTH J4

Juliana Lachance - BOOTH L9

Julie Marquis - BOOTH L10

Kaitlin Mason - BOOTH L11

Kal Honey - BOOTH J11

Karen Lynch - BOOTH J23

Karen Reece - BOOTH C15

Kate Lee - BOOTH L13

Katherine Palmer - BOOTH L14

queen west art crawl artist map

Katya Garipova - BOOTH J7

Kiele Poirier - BOOTH L15

Krajewski Gallery- BOOTH M36

Laila Ghattas - BOOTH J2

Laura Sultan - BOOTH M19

Levent Erutku - BOOTH N41

Linds Miyo - BOOTH M3

Lizzie Liang - BOOTH M21

Lorette C Luzajic - BOOTH M22

Lorne Wisebrod - BOOTH M23

Lucas Biagini - BOOTH S4

Lucia Wallace - BOOTH S3

Lyndsay Goodfellow - BOOTH M24

Maggie MacInnis - BOOTH M26

Marc Lichtenberg - BOOTH N14

Maria Drazilov - BOOTH N15

Mariana Bolanos - BOOTH N16

Mariana Paloscia - BOOTH N34

Marzena Kotapska - BOOTH N35

Melissa De Luca - BOOTH G2

Michael Werner - BOOTH J8

Micheline Roi - BOOTH L30

Michelle Tourikian - L20

Mihyun Maria Kim - BOOTH L21

Mina Vancardo - BOOTH N40

Mitsuo Miyagi - BOOTH L23

Nadine Simec-  BOOTH L24

Natalia Ackers - BOOTH J1

Natalie Czerwinski - BOOTH J35

Natavan Khasiyeva - BOOTH F8

Nick Sianchuk - BOOTH L26

Oksana Kulczycky - BOOTH J33

Olivia Stanton - BOOTH J12


Pamela Williams - BOOTH L25

Patrick Klauss - BOOTH F19

Patrick Skals - BOOTH - 16

PH1 Collective - BOOTH J10

Qinghua Bi - BOOTH I16

Rachel Albano - BOOTH I17

Richard Comparey - BOOTH I18

Richard Ahnert - BOOTH G7

Robert Leveque - BOOTH J3

Ryan Watson - BOOTH J20

Sabrina Chin - BOOTH G4

Sarah Fordham - BOOTH J21


Sarah Pais - BOOTH I7


Shannon Blair - BOOTH I8

Shelly Dodd - BOOTH S5

Shirt Studs - BOOTH J15

SImone Guimaraes - BOOTH J16

Sofia Thomson - BOOTH J17

Sophie Dussud - BOOTH I15

Steve Potter - BOOTH I19

Tanja-Tiziana Burdi - BOOTH F2

Tessah Noreen - BOOTH G10

Tim Clark - BOOTH G11

Timothy Wong - BOOTH I13

Tina Ding - BOOTH D7

Tom Chitty - BOOTH M4

Tony Taylor - BOOTH M37


Triton Nemeth - BOOTH L16

Vanessa Cuartas - BOOTH M7

Vicky Ly - BOOTH S5

Victoria Kovaleva - BOOTH M38

Wendy Campbell - BOOTH C11

Yaara Eshet - BOOTH M2

Yasmine Louis - BOOTH N37

You're Valid! Collective - BOOTH S1

Zoey Zoric - BOOTH F3